How Can I Catch Him Cheating On Me?

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I often get emails where wives and girlfriends ask me for resources to help them to catch their husband or boyfriend cheating. Often though after a little dialog back and forth, I find that many of these woman have already made their jobs much harder.  They've already tipped their man off so that he's covering his tracks better.  This gives you a lot of ground to make up. In any event, in the following article, I'll offer you some tips and advice that will help you catch him cheating.

Don't Accuse Before You Know For Sure: Don't Give Him A Heads Up That You Suspect Cheating: Many women will decide to confront their husbands or boyfriends before they even have proof.  They will go in angry and accusatory with the attitude that "I want you to know that I know and that I'm going to be watching you like a hawk, so you'd better stop it right now because if you don't, I'll catch you."

I understand that you may think that this conversation will make you feel better and help to relieve some of the tension.  It may do that in the short term.  But, it's going to hurt your cause in the long run.  First, your man is likely to tell you that you're imagining things.  He's going to make all sorts of excuses and then look at you like you've lost it.  He's going to turn it right back on you.  And then, he's going to dissect what you've said and pinpoint what has tipped you off. He is then going to turn that against you when he uses this information to hide evidence better and deceive you more. 

Don't tip your hand.  Your chance of success is SO much greater if you can catch him off guard.  You don't want him to suspect a thing and you'll need to be careful that you don't get caught.  You want to blind side him, not the other way around. Using restraint now will often yield big dividends later.

Setting The Traps That Are Going To Catch Him Cheating: To catch him cheating, you have to follow the clues that he's probably leaving without realizing it.  You have to sit down and think about what personal things and items that he is using to carry out his cheating.  Here's a hint.  These things are often his cell phone, his car, his home (if you don't share one) or the place where they meet, his workplace, his computer, and often his friends or coworkers that are covering for him.

So, you'll need to check these things out one by one without being caught.  It's good to do this when he's in the shower or when you send him on some errand that you know approximately how long it will take him to carry out. Once you get your hands on his computer and phone, check their history for numbers called, emails, texts, and his Internet history.  Often, he will delete these things but you can retrieve them if you know how.  Offer to wash his car or have it detailed for him.  If he resists, you know that something is up.  Check for long hairs, for the seat being moved forward or back, and most importantly, check the locked glove box or console.  Sometimes, you'll find throwaway pre paid cell phones there.

Of course, the surefire way to catch him to follow him.  Many people can't bring themselves to do this personally.  You can either have a friend do this or you can do it through technology with magnet GPS trackers or placing a tail on his computer.  Obviously to carry out an affair or cheating, he will need to physically be with the other person. Following him is a sure fire way to accomplish this, but often this is very emotionally difficult and many people would rather save this as a last resort. And, if you're going to go this route, you must be prepared for what you may find and how you'll handle that. It's often advisable to take along a trusted friend to help to keep you from doing something you regret.

I was in this same situation a short time ago. My heart knew that he was cheating, but my head didn't want to acknowlege it. After thinking on it for a long time, I decided that I really wanted to know the truth, no matter what that truth was. I learned how to get concrete information and proof that my husband thought that he had hid and erased. Once I presented this to him, he had no choice but to come clean. You can read a very personal story at

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How Can I Catch Him Cheating On Me?

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This article was published on 2010/11/05
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